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Revenge Chapter 3: FINISHED!!!!

Title:  Revenge, Chapter 3
Author:  vinniebatman a.k.a. batmanvinnie a.k.a. Alice a.k.a. well, me
Rating: Mature because of sexy male slashy fun times.  So if you don’t like M/M smut, you’ve been warned!
Pairing:  Spike/Xander (mmm… Spander)
Summary:  Spike decides to get his revenge and plans.  Which we know never goes well..
Disclaimer:  I hired a pack of ninjas to kidnap Joss; he was threatened with hot poker torture and chainsaws so I could meet the real him. I now own all. Thank you.   Or not.    
Beta: The fabulous, incomparable suki!  I love you!  Even if you constantly drag me into new fandoms. 
Teaser:   Pheromones rolled off of the boy and Spike's eyes flashed to gold.  Xander dropped his hands and jumped away as though burned.  He shoved his hands into his pockets.  His eyes darted room, bouncing from and landing one anything but Spike. 
Author’s Note 1: Takes place post-chip, only Xander and Anya never got together.  Also, I almost decided to go porn fre on the ending, but I went with my baser instincts and let it get all pornyful.
Author's NoteI am really, really, really freaking sorry that it took me THREE DAMN YEARS to finish this.  I dunno, I just suck like that, and then I was peer pressured into other fandoms and it just.... I'm sorry, and I hope you all forgive me for being horrible like that.  And a million thanks to everyone who kept reading and nudging along the way.
Previous Parts Here


Spike wasn't in his crypt when Xander searched for him.   At two in the afternoon, Xander could only think of one place the vampire would be at: the Magic Box.   He drove there, running stop signs and cutting off other motorists.   Slamming on his brakes, his car squealed to a stop in front of the store, one wheel on the sidewalk.   He charged into the store, righteous anger and indignation fueling him as he shoved the door open, the bell on the door jangling loudly.

"Where's Spike?" he thundered.

Giles looked up from assisting a customer.   Shocked into silence, the watcher merely nodded towards the training room.   Xander strode to the training room, agitated, nearly shaking with rage.   Dreams were personal and should stay that way.   He threw the training-room door open to reveal Spike leaning against the brick wall.   The vampire watched him with a smirk as Xander walked inside and slammed the door shut.

"You bastard!"  Storming across the room, he grabbed the lapels of Spike's duster.   He jerked the vampire close, missing the lust that flickered across blue eyes.

"You undead son of a bitch!  What did you do to me?" Xander yelled.   The smirk had dropped from Spike's lips.   Flecks of yellow swirled in the vampire's eyes.

"Why?  What did you want me to do?" he asked, his voice low and husky.  

At those words, an electric current of desire curled through Xander's body and made his heart pound before winding down his spine and centering in his cock.  
As pheromones rolled off of the boy, Spike's eyes flashed to gold.  
Xander dropped his hands and jumped away as though burned.   He shoved his hands into his pockets, hunching in on himself.   His eyes darted around the room, bouncing from and landing on anything but Spike.   When his eyes finally returned to the bleached blond, heat flooded through him.

"What did you do to me?" he whispered, a tremor running through his voice.   Yellow eyes locked with brown.

"What makes you think I did something to you?"

Spike suppressed a growl as the scent of lust increased.

"Bad dreams.   Evil, naughty, bad dreams," he answered, his voice small, confused and uncertain.
It was so perfectly submissive that the growl Spike had been holding in slipped out.
Xander shivered at the sound.   Usually, Spike's growls were kind of frightening, but this one was low and erotic.   He swallowed convulsively and slowly began to back away, each step more difficult than the last.   It felt as though an invisible thread was stretched between them, tying him to Spike.   The vampire watched him with hungry, yellow eyes until the desire that had been simmering between them exploded.

Spike stalked towards Xander, backing him against the wall.   He slanted his mouth over the Xander's, running his tongue over warm lips.   Xander let out a low whimper and opened his mouth.   Their tongues met and slid against each other before, twining together.   Spike then sucked on Xander's tongue, causing the teen to moan and unconsciously buck his hips.   Spike growled again and grabbed the human's ass, pressing their groins together.  

Xander's brain screamed "wrongwrongwrong!", but his body felt right, connected.  

"Oh my God!"


Spike and Xander separated with a start at the high-pitched shriek.   They turned towards the door and faced a horrified Slayer.   "My eye brains!"


Giles closed the shop early before sitting down between xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /? Willow and Buffy.   Spike and Xander sat on the other side of table, their chairs at opposite corners of the table.  

"Xander, what happened?" Willow asked.   "I mean, I know you're considering guys, but-."

"Willow!" Buffy yelled.  
Willow winced, then blushed.   "Oh man, I wasn't supposed to tell.   Sorry, Xander."

"Yeah, I don't think Giles and Spike are surprised after that display, Wills," Xander said with a forced smile.

"But you said you weren't attracted to Spike," Willow said.

"I'm not!  I mean, I wasn't, but now, with the dreams and the naked... it's all HIS fault!" Xander wailed, pointing at the vampire.

Buffy sighed.   "Look, Xander, we all know that Spike is pretty, but that's not something you can blame him for.   Besides, he's evil.   Sure, he's not as evil as used to be, but-."

"Oi, still evil here!"

"Oh, don't worry, Spike," Willow placated, "You're still the Big Bad evil, but now you're more of an evil, scheming, James Bond villain type of evil instead of a baby killing, world ending type of evil."

"Thanks, Red."

"Oh, anytime, Spike."

"No!" Xander groaned.   "I mean he put a spell on me or something.   He made me have dreams; evil, naughty, bad dreams!  Dreams with him and the biting and the nakedness and... stuff!  Doing evil, naughty, bad things to me!"

"Oh dear Lord, I don't need to hear about this," Giles muttered, rubbing his temples.

"But, Xander, you've had that protection charm thingie on," Willow pointed out.

"I know, but I just happened to lose it last night when I was on patrol with Spike.   And then I just happened to have a kinky, evil, naked, undead sex dream.   Coincidence?  I think not!"
Giles pinched the bridge of nose.
"Could you please stop saying naked?  I truly don't need to have that particular point reiterated at this point."

Buffy's mouth dropped open before transforming into a lascivious smirk.   "Well I do.   Just what happened in this dream?" she asked.

"Wait a minute, Slayer!" Spike yelled.   "Five minutes ago you're screaming about 'eye brains,' whatever the bloody hell that means, and now you want details?"

"Xander's like a brother, and I was surprised and that surprise registered in the brains for my eyes.   But I have to admit that you both aren't bad looking and the idea of you two together is a pretty hot mental image."
Willow nodded in agreement, then paused.  

"Hey, you just lost the charm; but if the spell was strong enough, it could have been cast at any time."

Giles finally spoke up.   "Well it all depends on what spell ingredients were used.   The charm I helped Xander assemble negates most simple spells.   But if these dreams were indeed caused by a spell, one that was cast several days ago, it would need to be comprised of some powerful elements.    Xander, are you certain this wasn't just a normal dream?"

Xander blanched, then flushed.   "There was nothing normal about that dream!"

Giles gave a pained sigh as he removed his glasses and began to polish them.   "Very well then.   Spike, did you cast a spell on Xander?"

Spike simply growled and flipped the watcher two fingers.   He stood and made to leave the table, but Buffy rushed over and grabbed his shoulder, shoving him back into the chair.   She remained standing over him, her hand keeping him seated.

"Oh, I know!" Willow squealed.   Getting up, she ran towards the spell ingredients, then emerged a moment later carrying a jar containing a green powder.   "We can do a reveal spell!"

"No way, Willow," Xander objected, nervously eyeing the jar.

"While I would be inclined to agree with you, Xander, the horn-root reveal spell works well on low-level magic.   And it will answer the question of whether or not you were ensorcelled."

"Ensorcelled?" Buffy echoed.   "When did we hit the 1400's?"

Xander slumped in defeat and Willow grinned before tossing a handful of the powder over him.   Setting the jar down, she then raised her hand toward the cloud of powder that surrounded a cringing Xander.

"Reveal," she said solemnly.   The pale green powder surrounding Xander began to sparkle, then glowed lavender.   It then shifted to red before falling from the air, leaving a glowing, red mark on Xander's left shoulder.

"O-kay," Xander asked, staring at his shoulder.   "This means what?"

Willow smiled.   "It means you were right.   The lavender indicated a suggestion spell, like the spell had a specific intent."

"What about the red?" Buffy asked, frowning.

"The red haze indicates that blood was a primary ingredient in the potion the spell required," Giles explained.   "The fact that a red spot appeared on Xander's shoulder indicates that the potion was in fact applied to your person.   Skin contact would have been the most effective."

"Wait, we killed that Oregano demon and Spike told us the blood could be used in spells and stuff," Buffy pointed out, eyes narrowing.
Giles raised an eyebrow and smirked at the vampire.  "Why yes, he did.  And he carried the body to the shop for us, most likely covering himself in the demon's blood."

Xander's eyes went blank as he searched his memory.  "Five days ago!" he yelled, grinning.  "That night after we killed the demon, Spike stopped by to apologize, and he touched me! On the shoulder!"

Willow matched his grin, excited at explaining the mystery.  "And you didn't have the dream until last night when your charm went missing."

Giles grinned widely at Spike before frowning in false confusion.  "What I don't understand, Spike, is why you chose not to give Xander dreams of death, pain and bloodshed, but...."

"Dreams of wild, naked, steamy, monkey sex?" Buffy offered with a grin.  They all looked at Spike, who chose to glare at the assembled group.

Willow chewed her bottom lip.  "Maybe he knew Xander was starting to be into guys and knew it would freak him out?"

Buffy nodded, then shook her head.  "No, because if he wanted to do something with gay sex to scare Xander, he would have made Xander have dreams about Angel or Principal Snyder."

Suddenly, Buffy's eyes widened.  Her mouth dropped open as a wide grin spread across her face.

"Oh my god, Spike... has a crush!"

Willow's face was pure girly-romance.  "That's so cute, Spike!"

Spike stood quickly, his chair falling noisily to the ground.  Rage boiled inside him, and at that moment he wanted more than to lash out.   Moving away from the table, he stomped into the training room.

Giles smothered a laugh with his hand while he walked into his office.  This required scotch.

As the two girls began "awing," Xander sat stock-still, mouth agape.  Spike has a crush? On me?


"Spike! Spike! Wait!"

Spike froze at the trapdoor; he had to face the boy sometime.  He turned and faced Xander, his posture tense and fists clenched.

"So, uh... you ensorcelled me?" Xander asked, his voice squeaking.

Spike clenched his jaw, but didn't answer.

Xander took a deep breath, steeling himself.

"So, do you really have a crush on me?"

Spike forced himself to look at Xander, taking in the hunched posture and nervous energy.  There was no disgust, no loathing in Xander's expression, only an expectation of being hurt, something so like William that it knotted Spike's stomach.  He sighed.

"Maybe.  Yes."


"Dunno." Spike replied with a shrug.  "It's not like you're the ugliest bloke I've ever seen, and you're funny when you aren't being a berk.  And you're loyal, wouldn't desert your friends for a chaos demon, even if they fucked things up.  Hell, if you weren't always pissing me off, I might have noticed it sooner."

"Oh, so it was one of those random, hypothetical things that zipped across your brain.  I mean, I had one of those about Angel, which scared me.  But I've been having lots of them lately, you know, for no reason."

"About Angel?"

"Oh, no, nononononono! Just about random guys, usually Hugh Jackman."

Spike dropped to the ground and leaned against the wall.  Xander quickly joined him, their shoulders touching.

"Guys? Me included?" Spike asked, hushed.


They fell silent.

After a few moments, Xander spoke again.  "But why that spell, with all the... the sex stuff?"

"I don't know," Spike admitted.  "It just popped into my mind, I'm not sure why.  I've been asking myself that same bloody question over and over for days.  And the only thing I can think of is that when I touched you, you smelled-."

"I smelled?"

"Of arousal," Spike finished, ignoring the interruption.  "Guess part of my brain wanted it, wanted you.  I didn't really think about it before, but now that I have, I can't stop thinking about it.  And I just wanted you to shut up, to do what I wanted, which is probably why I added the submissive bit."

"Submissive?" Xander echoed.  His voice was breathy as pheromones flooded the air.

"Yeah, didn't it seem weird that you were so submissive?"

"N-no, not really, just seemed normal, aside for you and the biting.  I mean, I sort of liked it when Cordy told me what to do." Xander blushed, eyes focused on his knees where he picked at a hole in his jeans.

"Really, pet?"

As the scent of desire thickened, Spike clenched his jaw, forcing himself to move slowly, despite the fact that he was already half-hard.  He reached out and rested a hand on top of Xander's.  He slowly rubbed his thumb against the visible skin of Xander's knees, eliciting a shiver.

"This is going to end really badly, isn't it?" Xander whispered.

"Maybe not.  We're two fucked up halves and we both need someone to take care of, someone who'll stick close.  I'm really fucking tired of being love's bitch.  Maybe we can balance each other out."

"Like in math: two negatives equal a positive, I think.  I dunno, it was a while ago," Xander said, smiling softly.

He turned his head and shyly glanced at Spike.  Spike turned his body and pulled Xander between his spread thighs.  Gently, he cupped Xander's jaw.

"So, wanna go for it?" he asked.

Xander's eyes widened as he sighed with relief.  "Oh yeah."

Leaning in, Spike pressed their mouths together.  It was tentative, soft and gentle in a way the dreams never had been.  After a few moments, Xander opened his mouth and brushed his tongue against Spike's lower lip.  Spike moved his hands to Xander's waist and grabbed tightly as he opened his mouth and deepened the kiss.  As the kiss continued, Xander's heart kept pounding faster and faster, his skin flushing with desire, feeding to Spike's own lust.  Soon, a light moan bubbled up from Xander's throat, and Spike answered it with a growl.

Xander broke the kiss and stared at him.  Swallowing hard, he bit his lower lip.

"What is it?" Spike asked.


"Can I touch you?" Xander asked, sliding his hand up Spike's thigh.

Spike's smile turned dark, his eyes intense.  He stood and pulled off his duster, then lay down on the training mat.

"I'm all yours, Xan."

Xander swallowed hard, excitement and nerves warring inside.  And he was harder than he could ever remember being in his entire life.  He knelt beside Spike's prone form, staring.  Slowly, he laid his hands on Spike's chest.  He explored, running his hands down Spike's chest and over his stomach before tugging Spike's tee shirt from his jeans.  Spike again took the initiative and sat up long enough to pull his shirt off before resuming his supine position.

Xander slowly moved his hands to rest on Spike's chest.

"This your first time with a bloke?" Spike asked.

Xander's cheeks again reddened as he nodded.

"It's fine, pet.  Just do what you want."

Xander swallowed visibly, then shrugged out of his jacket before returning his hands to Spike's torso.  He let his hands brush over the pale skin, tracing the contours of muscle and bone.  He ran his thumbs over Spike's nipples, rubbing against them until they were hardened peaks.

Spike held himself still, afraid of scaring him off.  The warmth and gentle, careful touches were a novelty, and though the caresses were inexperienced and tentative, it was unlike anything he'd experienced.  It was the pure desire in Xander's gaze, his devotion to Spike in that moment that had him truly aroused.  Xander wanted him, not someone else, and that knowledge simultaneously aroused him and caused a sweet, gentle ache in his heart.  He watched, entranced, as Xander lowered his head to his chest.  A small smile curved Xander's mouth before he placed gentle kiss just above Spike's navel.  Xander took a deep breath, then exhaled, the warm breath rushing over Spike's cooler flesh.

Xander glanced up at Spike's face and saw only desire.  Looking away, he pressed another kiss to the skin, then another higher up, his lips parted, before he finally moved his lips over a pink nipple and gave it a wet, sucking kiss.  Spike let out a deep moan.  Xander took it as encouragement and let his mouth wander, his movements bolder.  He used his tongue to trace the path his fingers had taken only moments before.  He nipped at ridges of muscle, then teased the skin with his tongue, all the while moving lower.  Finally, his mouth reached the area just above Spike's belt.  Without bothering to look for permission, Xander slowly undid Spike's pants.  He then discovered that Spike didn't wear anything under his jeans, letting Spike's cock pop out, red and leaking.  It was the ultimate proof that the entire situation was real.

Xander reached out and wrapped his fingers around Spike's dick, just below the head.  He used his thumb to smear the pre-ejaculate that gathered at the tip, then began to jack Spike, using moves perfected during countless solo sessions.  Spike's hips soon began to buck up into Xander's fist, groans filling the air.

"Want your mouth on me, luv," Spike growled.

The desire and need in his voice shook Xander to his core.  Spike wanted him, needed him and for a second, all Xander could do was press the palm of his hand against his cock, trying to relieve some of his need.

"Okay, but, uh, I haven't done this, so if it sucks, heh, don't get mad."

Reaching down, Spike cupped Xander's jaw, running his thumb over Xander's lips.  Staring into each other's eyes, Xander opened his mouth and sucked on Spike's thumb.  Spike sucked in a breath and groaned, his eyelids slipping down.

"Fuck, just do that to my cock, pet, and I'll love it," he said, his voice rough.

Excitement pulsed low through Xander's body as pulled off of Spike's thumb.  He moved his face down toward Spike's cock.  He stared at it, then took a deep breath.  It was completely foreign to him.  He took another shaky breath before running his tongue from base to tip.  He glanced up, hoping against hope that Spike wouldn't be rolling his eyes.  Instead, he saw a smile on Spike's face.

"Fuck, keep going."

Xander sucked again, using his hands to both stoke the rest of Spike's cock and fondle his balls.

Spike arched his back, clenching his jaw as he sought to keep from bucking up and prolong the moment.  But Xander's mouth was so warm, and the thick cloud of pheromones surrounding them proved far too perfect a combination.  As he started to come, Spike gripped Xander's head firmly and pulled him off.  Xander's head was held still, away from Spike's cock.  Xander could only watch as come spurted out and painted Spike's stomach.  When his orgasm finished, Spike released Xander's head and slumped down to the mat.

"Why did you do that?" Xander asked.

"Sometimes people have trouble swallowing on their first go around," Spike said, smiling softly.  Noting Xander's disappointed pout, he added: "But I'll give you plenty of chances to practice later."

Spike sat up and grabbed a clean towel from the stack waiting for Buffy during training.  Quickly, he mopped up the mess, then went still as he looked at Xander.  Xander was looking at Spike's stomach, frowning.

"Something else wrong?" Spike asked.


Xander's face went red.  "Uh, well, I wanted to try it."

Spike eyebrow's shot up.  "You're just full of surprises, aren't you?"

Spike dragged his thumb across the damp patches on the towel, then held it up to Xander's mouth.  Xander's tongue flicked out, tasting.  Xander paused and considered, then proceeded to lick Spike's thumb clean.

When Xander finally met Spike's gaze, he found himself once again looking into yellow eyes.  Before Xander could speak, Spike was pulling him onto his lap.  He crushed their mouths together, his tongue delving into Xander's mouth, seeking out any taste of himself.  Xander whimpered and clutched at Spike's bare shoulders, his ignored erection taking sudden prominence in his thoughts.

Spike reached down and tugged at Xander's shirt.

After a few more seconds, he broke the kiss.

"Shirt off, pet," he ordered.

Xander shivered at the command and sucked in a much-needed breath as he complied.  He barely had his shirt off when Spike rolled their bodies, leaving Xander temporarily dazed as he looked up at Spike.

For a short moment, Spike could only stare in amazement.  This was what he'd wanted for so long, to have someone underneath him, staring up at him with warmth and joy, someone who wanted to be there with him, trusting him.  He smiled and pressed a quick kiss to Xander's lips before burying his face in Xander's throat.  His dragged his tongue over Xander's pulse, enjoying the sensation of blood pumping through the veins.  Slowly, he nipped at the warm skin there, then moved lower.

His actions were far more hurried and determined then Xander's had been.  Spike's mouth was sure when he sucked at bit at Xander's nipples, teasing them until Xander could only whimper.  Spike flicked his tongue over the abused nubs one last time before moving lower.  Moving quickly, he practically tore Xander's pants as Spike rushed to open them.  He used more care, though, when he pulled Xander's boxers and pants down over his swollen dick.  Once the clothing was lowered to mid-thigh, Spike attacked.  He closed his mouth around Xander's cock, sucking hard.  He bobbed his head, taking in more of Xander's length with each downward movement, while one of Spike's hands firmly rolled and squeezed Xander's balls.  Xander cried out and tried to thrust up, but his efforts were thwarted by Spike's one-handed grip on his hips.

The heat was coiling inside Xander, his muscles trembling as he neared completion.  Every cell in his brain was so focused on Spike's mouth that he didn't notice when Spike's other hand moved from where it cradled Xander's balls to the strip of skin right behind them.  As desperate whimpers began escaping Xander's lips, Spike firmly pressed against Xander's perineum with his thumb.  Pleasure flooded his body and every muscle in his body clenched in pleasure.  Xander sobbed Spike's name as he felt himself shaking.

Spike slowed his sucking, gentling his motions as he swallowed Xander's come.  When Xander was fully soft, Spike carefully released Xander's cock.  Spike lay down beside him and pulled Xander onto his chest.  Xander let himself be moved, boneless and sated as shivers kept moving through him.  Reaching out, Spike pulled his duster over Xander's body.

"So tell me, pet: are these good shivers or bad shivers?" Spike asked, smiling against Xander's forehead.

Xander whimpered.  "Good; very, very good.  Goodness to the max."

They lay together in silence for a few moments, Xander's fingers stroking Spike's chest.

"So that was awesome.  This is happening again, right?"

"You'll have to bathe in holy water to keep me away," Spike murmured.

They fell silent.  After a few minutes, Xander finally spoke again.

"Hey, Spike, if I didn't mind it, I mean, if I wanted it, do you think you could bite me?" he asked, his face going red.  "I mean, I never really thought too much about it before, but after the dreams, I'm sort of curious."

Lust thrummed through Spike's body.  "Dunno, guess we'll have to see," he said.


Xander yawned, then tightened his grip on Spike's body.  Spike wouldn't sleep, but instead worked on memorizing this moment, the way Xander's hair was mussed, a small smile on his face as he neared sleep, his heartbeat slowing and his face pillowed on Spike's chest.

A few quiet moments passed before the door creaked open, but Spike didn't move, just continued to pet his boy.  After a few seconds, the door was closed most of the way.  Through the door, he could easily hear Buffy's comments.

"Aww... Willow! They're cuddling! It's so cute! Hurry and get the camera!" she whispered.  "We need photographic evidence!"

Personally, Spike rather liked that idea. 


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